Universities or Institutes of Higher Learning face a lot of anxiety implementing AI initiatives. From setting up centres of excellence, to running Artificial Intelligence (AI)-related workshops or carrying out industry projects, many educators feel lost or confused, and at times, they are being over-extended into projects that cannot be properly implemented for the industries due to many factors, such as lack of expertise, industry intel, funding and resources.

On the other hand, aligning with the national agenda, policies and framework becomes a challenge as the pace of industry moves a lot faster - and worse, in various directions. Having a proper structure and team within an AI task force can be a nightmare if the right direction is not set right in the first place.

Join us in this webinar with two specialists, including the director of AIBIG; Professor Dr. Mohd Saberi Bin Mohamad, who will share how AI strategies are being implemented with actual case studies in Malaysia.

Participants will find out more about cost-benefits as well as risk mitigation when implementing AI programmes.

Note: This webinar has expired.

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