Duration: 1 year - 2 years
Start date: Flexible (rolling application with no deadline)

Candidates: Candidates have graduated with a bachelor’s, master’s degree and Ph.D program in a relevant field. We also welcome applications from candidates who are already enrolled in a Ph.D program who wish to align their work with AIBIG’s research areas, and we are happy to work on a case-by-case basis with regards to work arrangements if there is a mutual fit.

The post-doctoral program offers postdoctoral candidates the opportunity to have a partnership with strong mentors, participation in cutting edge research, and co-authorship of papers at top venues. This program aims to position candidates for successful entry into a top graduate program and/or industry. For potential candidates who are already enrolled in graduate studies, this program offers the opportunity to work with researchers at AIBIG on collaborative projects for the benefit of both AIBIG’s initiatives and your thesis work.


   1. Gain strong research experience through direct collaboration with AIBIG researchers and partners

   2. Co-author papers with AIBIG researchers and partners and get published in top venues

   3. Learn about and leverage AIBIG’s data, infrastructure, and research tools

   4. No grant writing, teaching, or administrative responsibilities required

   5. Generous travel budget and journal publication fee