Weekly Meeting Report for Industrial Training Students New

On October 7th, 2021, the AIBIG internship supervisor had another weekly meeting through Google Meet. Dr. Hasyiya Karimah Binti Adli (AIBIG Internship Supervisor), Logathepan A/L Muniyappan (AIBIG Internship Student who is currently working from home), Nor Amaleen bt Azhar, and Siti Fatimah Azahra bt Azhar (Internship students who are physically in AIBIG) attended this conference. The main goal of this meeting is to obtain confirmation on the projects that have been assigned. Several items were covered, including the project's confirmation title, the flowchart/progress, materials, and procedures employed throughout the project, along with the problem statement. These topics were covered to assure the project's success, as interns are familiar with the project's results. In addition, the supervisor provided various suggestions and modifications to improve the project into a superior version.

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