Digital Transformation for Small and Medium Enterprise 

An innovative team led by Project Leader Ts. Dr. Nooraziah Ahmad, specializing in digital strategies, revolutionized the operational landscape for small businesses through a rebranding initiative and subsequent digital transformation. We focused on revamping the traditional Korban sales during Hari Raya Haji, aiming to modernize the process and enhance branding for MehdiQurban. Utilizing a Facebook page and a dedicated website, our goal was to streamline and elevate the sales process while improving the brand identity.

The outcome was remarkable! Not only did the rebranding and digitization strategy attract a broader customer base, but it also resulted in a significant surge in sales, surpassing all previous records. The user-friendly online platforms played a crucial role in achieving this success, generating far more profit during the festive season than initially anticipated. This success story is immensely significant, highlighting the transformative potential of technology in reshaping small business dynamics and redefining brand presence.

By utilizing technology to adapt a traditional practice to contemporary standards and rebranding the approach, the team showcased the effectiveness of a well-executed digital strategy. The impact extends beyond a single business; it serves as an inspiring model for other small enterprises. It showcases how the integration of technology, along with rebranding efforts, can substantially elevate sales and overall success, fundamentally altering business operations and brand perception. This success story reinforces the power of leveraging technology and rebranding to empower small businesses to achieve remarkable milestones, reshaping their operations and branding in the current business landscape.