Congratulations to Ts. Dr. Siti Salina binti Saidin on her appointment as a panellist for the UMK Rising Star 2024 program!  New

Ts. Dr. Siti Salina is a fellow at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (AIBIG) in the industrial and external relations unit. Dr. Salina is responsible for fostering collaborations with agencies, institutions, and industries for the purpose of cooperation in staff training, academic development, research opportunities, and so forth. Additionally, Dr. Salina also needs to coordinate visit sessions to agencies, institutions, and industries such as benchmarking visits, industry visits to AIBIG, and others.

Ts. Dr. Siti Salina binti Saidin is also a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Hospitality, Tourism, and Wellness (FHPK), Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK). She specializes in Business IT and Smart Tourism. Dr. Salina has made significant contributions in her field, and now she is delving into the fascinating world of Generative AI in Smart Tourism. This cutting-edge technology will revolutionize how we visit and enjoy places, bringing many new ideas and improvements to the tourism industry.

UMK Rising Star is an initiative focusing on mentoring young scientists with the aim of producing experts in specific fields and providing a pipeline to existing experts. For the UMK Rising Star 2024 candidate selection, the faculty will submit several eligible candidate names to the Research Management and Innovation Centre (RMIC) and all nominated candidates will be interviewed together with the RMIC and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office (Research & Innovation) (TNCPI) officials. Each batch will undergo a mentorship program and specially designed courses/training to support the growth and development of participants. Through this program, it is hoped that Dr. Salina can gain in-depth knowledge in their respective fields of expertise to contribute to the university, country, and internationally. Funding is allocated to support the implementation of this program. An amount of RM20,000 is allocated for the field of Science & Technology (S&T), while RM10,000 is allocated for the field of Social Sciences (SS). With this appointment, it is hoped that Ts. Dr. Siti Salina can provide the best service and further elevate the reputation of UMK and AIBIG to an even higher level.

Besides that, she also exploring the adoption of generative AI in the tourism and hospitality industry not only regarding technological advancement but also redefining the possibilities of revolutionizing customer service, boosting operational efficiency, and sparking innovation. In general, Generative AI is a type of AI that can produce new digital works, whether in the form of text, photos, music, or video, and the main feature of Generative AI is its ability to translate simple instructions or prompts into new digital works.